NEMO Meeting at IRI

Are you a non-engineering mentor for your FIRST team?

Are you attending the Indiana Robotics Invitational?

Then please join us!

NEMO (the Non-Engineering Mentors Organization) will be holding a get together on Saturday morning after Opening Ceremonies.* We encourage all Non-Engineering Mentors (NEMs) to join us, whether you are a member of NEMO or not.

The meeting will be about an hour long, with the following goals in mind:

  1. To stimulate the growth of NEMO by actively holding a meeting and recruiting new members
  2. To bring NEMs together for networking
  3. To bring NEMS together to encourage sharing of resources

Bring questions that you may have for other NEMs.
Bring business cards/notebooks/pens for taking down notes and contact information.

FIRST is growing, and with this growth many challenges are arising. To tackle these challenges, we need to work together. The first step in that is expanding our networks and horizons. So, please spread the word about this meeting. Encourage any NEMs who you know to attend.

And, if you’re planning on attending, please respond to this thread, so we can get an idea of how many people are interested.

Time of meeting may change. Meeting place to be determined. Listen to announcements at the event, and look in your team packet and check this thread as we come closer to IRI for more information.

Team 1640 - I’ll be there with one other person and a 50% probability on a third person attending. It depends on when the meeting is, preferably not during the Mentor Show-off Driving Competition :rolleyes: and during the IRI/VEX Swept Away Challenge.

Thanks for organizing this! One of our goals for 2010-11 is to increase the numbers of NEM and what they do.

I’m looking forward to this. Carolyn’s enthusiasm and leadership will make this a very fun and productive hour. In other words, it’s going to be a blast.

  • Now, I just have to figure out how to ask off from an hour of volunteering…::ouch:: *

Thanks for doing this! Wish I could be there!

I have a feeling you will be - in spirit.

I will try to be there, but if it is during one of our matches, I may not make it for long :slight_smile:

This sounds neat. I wish I was a NEM :ahh: But my mom is considering attending. I’ll edit this post if she makes a decision before we leave on Thursday.

I’ll probably stop by. I’m not an engineer yet! :smiley:

With all the button making going on at IRI, hopefully someone will be able to make up some much coveted “doing all the stuff that isn’t rocket science” NEMO buttons to give out at the meeting.

Carolyn has the template, but let me know if anyone else needs it or the handout “How to facilitate a NEMO meeting.”

Also I did a workshop for the VISTA’s on “Parent Involvement.” Let me know if anyone would like a copy of the outline. Many NEM’s contributed to the suggestions.

I’ll be there in spirit too!

It will depend on the scheduling, but I’ll try to stop in if it is during a match downtime! Thanks, Carolyn for spearheading this!


I am sure we work out the scheduling so that you, Cynette, and anyone else who wants to go can go!

Thank you, Brant.


Okay, so I can’t edit my post now >.> But my mom (Amy Bakowski) will be attending.

I am planning to attend the meeting to represent Team 1732. Hopefully will have at least one more mentor attending with me. See you all in a few days!


Hi, I am Sondra from team 1501, I plan on attending if I can get my minions in a row in time :smiley:

I will be attending if you don’t mind an used to be engineer turned house-husband in the meeting (how NON do you define Non?).

Paul McCoy
Mentor, CORE 2062

In my opinion/experience, the most interesting discussions/meetings occur when engineers are involved, interested, and enthusiastic. As a matter of fact, I would bet that there are engineers who work on the NEMO aspects of running an event like IRI.


Welcome to all the first time posters this thread has brought out! Make sure you explore the NEMO website.

NEMO meetings are always free and open. Thanks to all those who have facilitated meetings in all sorts of settings over the past 5 years.

About NEMO

NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) was formed in 2004 by three mentors from opposite sides of the United States who had been sharing suggestions and ideas via e-mail. They realized that other FIRST team mentors could benefit from an exchange of ideas.

NEMO will be open to adult mentors, including engineers, teachers and college students (who may be the only mentors on their teams) who are involved with all the non-engineering aspects of the FIRST Robotics programs. It is mainly a support group and information exchange for those mentors who help with all the behind-the-scene glue that hold the teams together including mentor recruitment and retention, travel (hotels, endless meals), parent involvement, fundraising, business plans, public relations, community service, dealing with the FIRST logistics. We hope to seek out all the NEMs who don’t realize they are part of a large community.

You can officially “join” NEMO here to have access to the private forum.

Our Focus (for the private forum) : Friendship, Communication, Cooperation, and Professionalism.

This is a place for fostering friendships between mentors.
This is a place for “professional/adult” discussions of various aspects and “crisis of the moment” of the FIRST program, considering the “big picture” of the program.
This is a place for mentors to have “chatter” with their peers.
This is a place for providing and requesting support and advice for fellow NEMs.
This is a place for cooperation between mentors to expand the success of the FIRST experience.

Evelyn Schaublin from team 910 will attend Kevin Swift may attend as well.

I’d love the “Parent Involvement” outline. “NEMO Meeting” would be interesting if you’ve got an extra, though I don’t think we’ll be in a position to do so for a while. Looks like we should be able to make a bunch of ‘non-rocket science’ buttons (2") as well. I’d love to make the meeting, but if not I’m there in spirit!