Neo 550 --- is the maximum encoder resolution 42 per rev or 168 per rev?

Is the Neo 550 encoder is a quadrature type with 42 pulses per channel per rotation and thus 168 edges/counts per rotation, or is it some other encoder type and the resolution really is 42 counts per rotation?

Also, we noticed that the entire rear of the motor rotates along with the shaft: is there any reason you can’t mount directly to the rear of the motor rather than the motor shaft?


The resolution is 42 counts per revolution. The internal technology, if I’m not mistaken, is designed in cycles of 3 because of having 3 phases. So it’s really 14 cycles per revolution.

No; it’s intentionally designed so you can do this.

No, and this is why there are 6 holes on the back. You do have to be careful about side-load when attaching mechanisms to the back casing.

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