NEO and FALCON in one robot

May I use NEO and FALCON in one robot? Because I want to use NEO for drivechain, and use Falcon for shooter. Our team consider if we need to buy Falcon, because we decide to use one motor and 6 inch fly wheel for shooting.
thank you very much!

No rules disallow using a Falcon 500 and a NEO in the same robot. The software interfaces are different but both should work in a robot program. You can use a NEO safely on a shooter for this season’s challenge if you already have them in-hand, many of the open alliance teams as well as my own and others I talk to have had much success with it. Otherwise, a Falcon 500 is still a fine choice to solve that problem.

Certainly there’s nothing stopping you from using both NEOs and Falcon 500s. However, keep in mind that if your team does not already have Falcons on hand then it may be quite difficult to purchase them at this time.

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@minhaonian the delay in receiving the Falcons will be even greater since you are in Macau

Thank you very much. Another reason I want to try Falcon is that when I design turrent for shooting, I find the neo will deal with more wires than Falcon.

I think wires are not the biggest reason to pick one over the other. It’s worth noting that the NEO reference CAD has the entire wires in the model, while the Falcon wires are cut short. You should instead take a look at the motor specs, your team’s inventory and budget, and what your software team is more comfortable with. Falcons have the advantage of using the same syntax and structure as other Talon software, while NEOS are slightly more mechanically advantageous by being shorter than their counterparts.

Well, IDK what is going on with VEX shipping, and they won’t respond in the Falcon thread, but we ordered 4 Falcons (only items in the order) on Saturday (1/18) and they will be here on monday (1/27) according to the tracking number and shipping confirmation provided by VEX. They are already en route, and were delivered to FedEx on Wednesday (1/22).

Don’t rely on that timing though. Assume that their website is correct in saying that falcons won’t ship until after February 28th.

OK, I understand. Maybe Neo is our best choice for now. How about I put Neo and SparkMax together, is there any problem about heat?

Not particularly. the NEO uses the entire face to conduct heat away from the motor, very clever design. And most of it’s operation will be short, fast bursts.

Thank you, I think I’m more clear, and know how to apply for the next step.

Just now, I think about is there any problem that I connect Falcon’s can wire to Neo’s can wire, then to the roborio. Could I control two motor separately?

There are no rules against it. This year, my team is planning on using both on our robot.

All CAN wires on the robot should be connected together in a daisy chain style, so no no problem with connecting them like that.

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