NEO Motor Not Spinning

So I was testing drivebase today and only one side moved. Both are powered by a NEO but one side worked perfectly but the other side didn’t move at all. The signal LED on the MAX for the not working side was showing solid magenta so it was receiving signal but the motor refused to turn at all. Could it possible that the anderson connections are bad or something else? It was working fine earlier the only change is that we changed to anderson connectors.

Are your powerpoles seated properly?

It could be a lot of things such as bad Anderson connections, encoders not plugged in or even code issues. The first thing I would do is update the firmware on sparks and plug the neo motor into the rev software to see if the neo motor turns.

Yeah they are, I double checked. But I don’t think a bad crimp is an issue it literally doesn’t spin. However, it could be that the battery is too low its at like ~11-11.5 V. But I running the wheels in air so like no friction

Ill test through the client forgot bout that

If the metal crimp is not in the power pole properly, there could be no contact between one of your motor wires and your spark wires. If this happens, it wouldn’t spin at all. A bad crimp is a different issue than a crimp not properly seated in the connector.

Hmm I’ll check them again

Only one neo per side? Hmmm. Doesn’t explain why it’s not working but certainly an interesting design choice

Solid magenta means it is getting a valid neutral signal. I would look at your code to see if it is actually sending any values other than neutral.