NEO Motors In Stock! ... edit - Behold the NEO 1.1

I received an in-stock email notification for NEO motors from REV today at 11:16 AM Eastern. I notified our parts person immediately. As of 11:24 AM they messaged me back stating they were out of stock again. We managed to somehow complete an order for 5.

  • Was this a real in-stock notification, or a website hiccup? (EDIT - it was a hiccup).

EDIT - NEO 1.1’s are now in stock as part of a larger REV product release/update - see this thread REV Robotics - 2022/23 Product Releases & Updates for links and further information.

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Yeah, same thing happened to us. Got the email and <30 minutes later they were marked as sold out. I was away from electronics when the email came in so I couldn’t check immediately.

I’m also panicking haha

Emails were triggered pre-maturely, they will be back in stock in a bit as soon as our inventory system re-syncs


Update - it now appears the NEO page was inaccessible on REV’s site for a bit, and now that it’s back, I see updated content for 2023 referring to the NEO 1.1.

I feel like we should get some kind of prize for somehow ordering 5 phantom NEO 1.1’s and being the “earliest adopter”, if that was indeed the case. :slight_smile:


7 mounting holes to beat the Falcon’s 6.

Begun, the Hole War has.


I know you are joking, but we went with 7, so that the original 4 mounting holes on the NEO were still in the relative location related to the wires, the 3 additional holes give you extra granularity for where the wires go, but the 1.1 is a drop in replacement for the 1.0


Looks like they’re available now!


@Greg_Needel, are the ones currently in stock the v1.1? The site says those will be out tomorrow, 11/16.

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it is a ship date notice. 1.1 is instock and that is what will ship with the existing orders


How much stock of 1.1 do you have? I don’t know how quickly we can purchase motors but I also don’t want to miss out on the only stock until season.


@Greg_Needel I realize this is kind of tangential to point of the thread, but since we’re discussing updated motor models - are there any plans to change/upgrade the encoder cable on the NEO in a future model? That seems to be the one technical pain point that teams still seem most-frustrated by.

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We are always looking at the next generation NEO platform, for this coming season we elected to just do the small modifications for v1.1


Might be worth while merging some of the questions regarding the NEO 1.1 into REV’s 2022/23 Product launch thread (unless Greg and others think that may clutter the release thread, and that a dedicated NEO 1.1 thread is helpful).


The pinion pressing hole is a nice addition!