Neo sparkmax help

I am currently troubleshooting an issue that we are having with our bot. Our current configuration is 4 NEOS and 4 spark max motor controllers. We have used them all season with no issues but now all of a sudden we are getting unresponsive motors.

I am using the following versions
Firmware: 1.4
Client: 1.0.0
Server: 1.1.61
Java API: 1.4

3 of the 4 spark’s are flashing cyan/orange once power is applied. The other is flashing cyan/green. I have also returned in .getFaults and am getting 16.0 back.

I have verified that I am getting input from the controller. Something of note. Once updating the firmware on the controllers from the Client UI, none of the controllers will run the motor from the “run” tab.

Please let me know if any troubleshooting steps that can be taken or more information that you need. We are preparing for THOR this weekend, so time is valuable at this moment.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


While the LEDs don’t seem to suggest this, I’ll at least point out the encoder issue: NEO SparkMax v1.4 Encoder Error. Resets to NoSensor Sensor Type after config... FIX

The cyan/orange comes up at Gate Driver Fault:

It seems you’d only see orange-green transitions during normal operation, but it could be getting a low periodic command for some reason that wouldn’t run.

About not running in the client, make sure they aren’t simultaneously getting a CAN signal from the RoboRIO. For me, it was simplest to pull the 10A fuse from the PDP that powers the RIO, to test the Spark Max with just power and the USB connection to the client.

As a question for how to proceed from are any of the motors working

They only work after I update the firmware. Once I power-off bot, they quit again.

Ok I will do some more looking into things.
In the meantime I would suggest that you just leave the bot plugged into the wall on a 12 volt power supply and your problem is solved

Try initializing an encoder for the motors like @ngreensaid. I had a similar problem and there seems to be a firmware issue with 1.4 so just make an encoder object for your motors and I think that will fix it. I already posted about it so see here if you need an example