NEO Stalls in double motor KOP toughbox with KOP drivetrain

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We have a 7.31:1 KOP differential drive with two NEOs on each side, using the standard toughbox housing. Since we first put the robot together the back right motor has heated up. We replaced it, stripped and rebuilt the gearbox, and more, which seemed to fix the overheating and allowed the robot to drive straight. Fast foward to practice this weekend and the robot turn right is even worse. We run each motor independently and the front one is smooth and quiet, the back one does not start and pulls the full 80A.

Since we only have 4 days to fix this, I was hoping I could compile a list of problems so we know exactly how to solve this efficiently. First thing first, could this be electrical? Rev HW Client shows no faults, but the motor pulls 80A when run at any speed. Other than that, we are thinking to replace the motor, pinion gear and key on the shaft, and possibly more gears. Yet the front motor in the gearbox is 100% operational? Any insight on common culprits of this we may not be thinking of? The wheels turn equally freely on both sides when disabled, so we doubt its something in the gearbox binding.

Pull the motors out of the gearbox and ensure they turn the correct direction. If one is incorrectly inverted relative to the other, it WILL stall.

Also check for smooth operation not under load. Finally, check for wear or debris in the gearbox.

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I would check that the front motor is running and that they both spin in the same direction. First disable one of the motors in code then run then disable the other and run. While running make sure they both go the same direction.

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When I use the USB debug on the hardware client the problem motor cannot move alone, it gives a little jolt then the shaft locks. Ill test it using actual code tonight. I figured if they were running against eachother then it would make an obvious sound and loss of efficiency, however we are only losing about 4% speed on that side.

Check the encoder wires something similair happened to us our motor did not get hot but we had swapped 2 very long signal wires and it would jolt a little and then not move.

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Motor was set to brushed for debug. Problem never existed. Thanks for the help all!

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