To lift this year’s game pieces with an elevator mechanism, which motor do you recommend usinh CIM or NEO ?

You can consider NEO as CIM on steroids. It is always better to use brushless alternatives of CIM such as NEOs and Falcons as they are designed to directly replace CIM and Mini-CIM motors.


Both motors can and have worked for many teams. The most important thing is to do the calculations to estimate the weight/mass that must be lifted so that the number of motors, the type of motors, the gearbox ratio and the gearbox type can be chosen, based on the speed you desire.

Separately, you will need to choose between the different methods of rigging the elevator (cascade vs continuous) and whether you are going to use chains or cords to operate your elevator.

One last note is that your build quality must be good enough that the elevator and carriage can be built sufficiently flat. Otherwise, the carriage will jam and be difficult to move.

One more thing to consider is that the NEO has a build in brake mode so you can keep your mechanisms from falling

Brake mode is not exclusive to NEOs- it’s a motor controller feature that shorts the motor leads together when idle.


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