Neo550 Spinning Backward

We are running a NEO550 on a 12:1 VersaPlanetary Gearbox on our intake, and for some reason, whatever the intake hit something, like a wall, or another robot, the motor starts spinning backward so it ejects balls instead of picking them up, even though the code has no such function to let it do so. It seems that if we re-boot the whole system, the motor would be working again. Still, this is a big problem because our ball cycles would not work anymore. Does anyone else have this similar type of issue?

See here:

We had nearly an identical issue, and as mentioned in that thread, the solution was to call burnFlash() on each SPARK MAX so that if it momentarily lost power due to a breaker tripping, it would save its inversion settings.

Also, going forward, if you have similar issues that have any potential to be programming issues, it would be helpful for you to link your code.

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