NeoBrushless and SparkMax not working

Hey guys! As a new team, we just got our brand new NEOs brushless 550 today with our sparkMax motor controller. It was working in the client when I ran the motor. However, after I tested some code, the motor ceased to work, not even working in the spark max client running window. Can someone please help us? Thanks a lot! Please let us know if the motor might possibly be broken. (It was working, but all the sudden not anymore) (not working w/ both usb cable client alone or connected to the whole robot)

The device will not run if the roboRIO is (or at some point was) connected. Can you try unplugging the CAN cable and cycling the power.

What blink code does the SPARK MAX show?

Even if I unplugged the roborio, it still isn’t responding.

It is not clear if this is due to above, can you answer take these steps as mentioned above:

Note that this means removing power entirely (USB and power)


Sorry for the late reply. The Spark blinks blue and orange, solely powered by USB. However, the motor still isn’t running under the run application of the client.

Can someone please help pls pls plssss

The SPARK MAX cannot drive a motor when only powered by USB, which is why it has this blink code. Try powering it with the CAN wire disconnected but power supplied to it.

Thank you so much Mr. Toth! The code works after we followed ur advice on this post CAN SPARK MAX No Signal

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