Neodymium Magnets. Legal or No?

Are we allowed to use Neodymium magnets on our robots? We need a stronger magnet for the magnetic limit switches.

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In general, everything is legal unless there’s a rule that makes it illegal. As far as I read, there’s no rule that makes neodymium magnets illegal.

If you dont tell them they wont know

“SARCASM” Please follow the rules.

We used Neodymium magnets in 2017 and nobody had any issues with it, so unless there’s been a rule change, or they’re big enough to be considered destructive or dangerous you should be in the clear!

You posted this in another thread - in that situation they were clearly breaking the rules. Intentionally subverting the rules, thinking you can “get away with it”, is against the spirit of FIRST, and really is not advise you should be giving other teams.

Fortunately for you and your team, I’m volunteering at Northern Lights in a few weeks. I’d be happy to discuss this piece of advise in person if you’d like!


Sorry, I try my best to make them look sarcastic. I will add “SARCASM” in the future. I wont be in Northern Lights but it was a total fun event last year. Im sure my team will be fully legal.

You should probably expect a bad reaction when you post something like this in two threads, especially when both times the fact that you were joking wasn’t clear.

They seem to have got it in the first thread but I will make it extra obvious.


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