Neon lights for Target Assembly

What is the power source for the lights, and how do we connect them? Someone help me out please.

We use one of the 12 volt batteries.

I used a 12v wall brick that was rated at 1a. Placed a 2.1mm connector on the side of the box so that the wall brick was removable.

can you dumb it down a bit?

How about plugging the lights directly to the battery?

basically, just plug it into the battery. they just used a few modifications to make it more convienent


If the lights blow up… it’s not my fault!!!

Heh, the design schematics say to put all the lights (8) in a small box and cover it with that white plastic. Ours works great and the camera tracks pretty well with it.

Same here. We soldered a battery connector to our box wires and used an old one from last year. Works great, and the camera tracks it just fine.

We connected our light up to a computer electrical supply and are running two lights off of that. Hope that helps, just solder the cables to the connector and plug it in.


it might be a good idea to add a fuse in the circuit so if anything shorts out you wont run the risk of damaging a battery of possibly injuring someone.:ahh: some wall or bench top power supplies have built in fuses/ circuit breakers but if in doubt just add a fuse.