Neoprene Fairlane Wheel Maintenance

Hello everybody! My name is June and I’m on team 4192. It’s our first season ever using Fairlane wheels. On our shooter we have four four-inch-diameter neoprene wheels (RR-754-35-EX625) and noticed they get a little dusty. We were wondering how we could keep them clean (preferably something we can quickly do between matches) and make sure they last through the season. Thanks so much!

We have used this stuff this year and it works pretty well. Got rid of the ball fuzz nicely. Rubbing alcohol wipes between matches are another option.

Would alcohol damage the rubber? Our team doesn’t have a massive budget and ordering another wheel would set us back significantly.

Some isopropyl is fine, stay away from acetone.

Is there a chemical that is rated as a ‘one’? On this chart from Rubber Cal it says neoprene (Chloroprene or CR) is a 2 against Isopropyl Alcohol (meaning it’ll expand a little). Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 10.36.51 AM

DiHydrogen Oxide :wink:
Swelling is generally reversible, as long as its not actually dissolving the material. We’ve cleaned our Fairlanes with rubbing alcohol for years. Actually, the same pair for the third year!

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Oh, alright! Thanks everybody for your responses!

I just got your joke-
Wouldn’t that be too basic?

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