Nerd Attire Question...

I want to dress exactly like the guys pictured here:

How do I go about doing this? It’s not too hard to find a straight black tie, but where, I beseech thee, oh magnificent chiefdelphi community, does one get those short sleeved dress shirts?

I would bet anyone on CD here that if you were able to look at the tag on any of those shirts, it would say Sears Roebuck & Co.

Yep… Same place you can get em now.

And, a straight black tie is so unhip, even for geek terms… you gotta get some ties like these:

Yep, you can’t say geek without saying polyester.

And, hey… don’t forget the pocket protectors for the ultimate look, but skip the black glasses with the tape holding them together at the center…
That’s just so overdone.


Instead, go for a retro look, and totally get some 3d glasses.

It’ll look geeky, yet fresh and hip.

And if you want true geekyness (geekiness?), get some of the cubes, like Bob here:

Hm… don’t know exactly. Check your local thrift store. :rolleyes:

You shud also add a crown to your geek attire. Like in my WAI picture :smiley: Then it would be perfect

Try the local G.I military surplus store

as a matter of fact…I picked a one of them yesterday at my Local Macy’s in the Mall. Just look in the Formal Shirt’s section, and then the ties are there.

Land’s End

You could try to join the GEEK squad at Best Buy. There uniforms are designed to look like that of those worn by NASA workers. One of there members came to our school to get us to buy things (he gave a speach about Best Buy).

XD That’s wicked. I love that kinda stuff. When you do dress up, totally post a picture!

Looks in Closet wait a tic, whats geeky about short sleeved white shirts?..

>( this is why i never dress up

Ok ever good geek needs a great watch to complete their attair.

The only watches that could do are these:

Retro look:

Binary Disply:

Ohm’s Law:

Oh heck they are all awesome!

i know someone who has that binary watch!!! he’s on team 279 and hes hilarious! when i saw it, i thought to myself “where would one find/purchase a binary watch”…and now Ive found the answer! thanks! i love funny nerdy stuff like that!

lol no kidding… I have 9…

As to where to get them… Marshall’s, JC Penny, etc. Any departmentish store. Just look in the “formal” area where the suits etc are.


For all things nerdy. (it’s one of my most favorite places to shop)

Since we are all talking about geeky stuff, I just figured I would post an alternative to thinkgeek…

Xtreme Geek stuff is awesome. My dad gets the catalog. XD I love to look through it.

I’ve got the binary watch off of think geek, it’s awesome.