Team 2337 is starting a new outreach initiative called “NERDo”. NERDo is a paper man who travels around the world to spread the Word of FIRST and tell people about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The idea is to have people print off one of the NERDo coloring sheets (available on NERDo’s website), decorate it (graciously!), and then snap pictures of NERDo visiting various places and “telling” people about FIRST and STEM. We hope to gather a huge gallery of photos of places that NERDo has visited around the world. NERDo can go with you to work, to school, Robotics meetings, and other cool places where he can teach others about FIRST and STEM.

For more information, and to get started making a NERDo of your own, visit:


Hmm Flat Stanley of FIRST?!

Awesome idea guys! I would have never imagined that someone would take the concept that Flat Stanley has and turn it over for FIRST. I really like the concept and this should only help the efforts of STEM everywhere!

Great idea!
Is it possibly inspired by this?

Yes, NERDo is pretty much like the Flat Stanley of FIRST. Our hope is that adults will have as much fun sending/taking NERDo places as children do!

Please feel free to share NERDo with others. The more we can spread the word of FIRST, the better!

I had never seen Flat Henry before. Looks like he had a lot of fun at IRI.

or this?

We linked ours to facebook as well :slight_smile: