NERDS at Battlecry...

Among the many hints showered among my fellow New Englanders…

So it begins…

I was battlecry… I saw no candy.

NERD looks like it’s going to be revealed exactly one day before IRI…any significance to this date?

Woot, I feel so special, I was there when he said this link :ahh:

Anywho, goes back to trying random .html filenames

I’m a fan of .php, myself.

I also was in that room when Grady unleashed the official website.

NOOOOOOOO, I won’t be anywheres near a computer for almost a week after that date.

What, no record of .org existing… except of course the URL.
But I can buy .com ooh…
I smell a parody site coming on… :stuck_out_tongue:

that looks like midnight OF IRI /shurg


Fun with acronyms. There I am, thinking, n.e. = non-engineering, but alas I think it must be new england.

i was thinking of 3 things for n e r… new england robotics - new era robotics or the non engineering robotics…


Is it just me or is everyone forgeting the ‘S’ in NERDS?

New England Robotic Defensive Strategies

All those who contribute to the defensive “strategies” will be Nerds.


You’ll notice that on the official NERD logo there is no S. I think “S” in the URL is just there to make a phrase “NERDs FIRST.”

w00t my Las Gurillas (469) post!

In every post but the Q+A post on the second page of the NERDS thread, Andy refers to it as ‘NERDS’. The Q+A and post is a bit more official seeming, and you bring up a good point with the logo (NERD)…
Upon the preceding review I retract my previous statements and drop the ‘S’ off of what I believe to be the acronym Nerd(S).–NERD

So now for what I think NERD is stadning for … I have no clue…
Just another reason to look ofrward to IRI!

Is there about to be a change to the site Andy? According to you uploaded a smaller version of the logo just yesterday. Is it already on a page that we haven’t found? Or has the page just not been added yet? You may think you’re sneaky but don’t forget that you are surrounded by robotics NERDs with nothing better to do than snoop around your site :smiley:

Edit: Ouch, the site’s been blocked :ahh: I knew I should have waited for more information before revealing that I had found it…

Verrrry clever Mr. Howland…

Doesn’t really tell ya much other than the site is a work in progress…especially considering everyone already knows the NERD logo.

Of course…we do realize you guys are very smart and computer savy, if you will. We are very much prepared for the onslaught of people trying to figure out the secret before its release…soooo with that said, if you can figure it out, and find it…more power to ya…we wont stop ya. Just be prepared for hurdles :wink: (Of course, unless you are very versed in the history of FIRST and those involved with the NERD project…you probably have about 0 chance of finding it.)

We do find it quite interesting, however, that everyone is so focused on what the acronym for NERD(S) means and no one is really focusing on what a NERD truely is. Especially considering all of the blatent clues that I have thrown out on here and in person. (My FIRST Jeopardy people had so many cookies thrown to them that they never picked up on its rediculous!)

With that…happy hunting my fellow NERD(S)!

-Andy Grady

NERD “FIRST united on a whole new level”

…We will be heard

I think i have cracked it. NERD is a group for uniting the country in design and building. National Educational Robot designers, they will unite FIRST,VEX and BEST.

i think nerd will be a new outlook on robotics… FIRST, FLL, VEX, BB, and Best… a new CD to an extent… but just that much darn better… its the only thing to think about when he says united…

or possibly a gateway for teams to help one another or something to that extent… ok im giving up now :stuck_out_tongue:

What does all that have to do with all this?