NERDS Delay...

Hello everyone,

I know there is alot of speculation as the clock winds down on the NERDS website…unfortunately I have a little bad news…

Due to some technical issues, the release of the NERDS website has been delayed. We will be aiming for a new release date towards the end of November…


I can tell you a couple of things in preparation…

  1. When the site is released, we are hoping to have more suprises in store than were planned to have been released with the site today. This is good because we really do not want to dissapoint after all of this waiting!

  2. I am in the process of researching many of the features of NERD and I will be contacting people about the project.

  3. I’ll give away at least one of the secrets…NERD stands for New England Robotics Division!

With that, thank you for your patience, we will see you soon!

-Andy Grady

NERD '06…We will be heard!

ok so from the meaning of NERD, it sounds like Andy wants the divisions at the Championships to be based on geographical location, not quasi-random assignment. Then, the best of each geographical location would compete for the title of “Grand Puba” for both themselves, and their region. Am I Close? Oh yah, and I’m all about the MAD (Midwest Alliance Division) or something else that makes sense.

I wonder where the Lines will be drawn?

How about time zones? That would seem to work good. But wait! What if you are in 2 time zones? That would be cool but are there any teams in 2 time zones?

actually to speculate, i would guess that Andy, is trying to organize something along the lines of IRI in but for the New England Area, my reasons being,

  1. he realized this link right after Battlecry.
  2. the release date is on the eve of IRI, the (IMHO) championships of off seasons

but then again its all a guess

-Big Mike

hm, I think I have an idea of what N.E.R.D. is about, I hypothesized something like it before, but never took it any further. I won’t give away what I think it is, but if it is what I think it is, awesome job pulling it together.

I was surfing CD and I just realized that there is a little over 3 days until NERD is finally released! Anyone else excited?

It’s practically an early kickoff for us in the New England region!

Is it even possible for NERD to include more than Eastern Standard?

New England is comprised solely of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Our legislature has brought up a crazy bill several to put Maine in a different time zone, but nothing has ever happened when it gets brought up. :smiley:

(I’m not even joking, seriously)

Sorry guys, I did mention this a couple of months ago, but as I said, pay no mind to the countdown on the website for the time being.

A little insight on the initial idea of NERD…

Our initial plans for the “Big Suprise” which was supposed to be released on the website was actually a podcast. Since the intial idea and the NERD delay, the FIRST Podcast was created, thus causing us to scrap the idea for the time being at least.

Does this mean the end for NERD? Before it even started?

Of course not :wink:

The idea has gone through a little bit of a transformation, and in 2006…when you least expect it…the “NERDS” will be revealed.

I assure you…New England will ever be the same…

Oops. :smiley:

Anyway, even though I’m not in New England (anymore), I’m probably as curious as the next FIRSTer to find out what NERD is. A Vex tourney sounds possible…

I highly encourage the upkeep of NERDs and the release date being SOON!!! (I just want my t-shirt)

:smiley: come on, you can’t keep us in suspense FOREVER (then again, you probably can)

Andy Andy Andy… lol YOU need any help with the launch, my offer still stands.

New England teams **can **and **will **help you at any time…

Just say the word.

(FYI: the word isn’t necessarily “please” but that wouldn’t hurt. lol)

Anxiously waiting N.E.R.D. release…


(and the rest of team 237) :slight_smile:

I guess when it comes to the NERDS…the biggest hint of all is this…

When the time comes, you will not find it…it will find you.

gonna get that n.e.r.d. site up any time soon? i offer my services as half of the webdesign team for team 230: :smiley:


You and the rest of the NERDS should be getting some info by the end of the weekend.

To everyone out there…I appologize for not answering any of the 416546313 PM’s I recieved asking for shirts. As it is right now, most of the people who are asking for one are NOT New Englanders. Those who are New Englanders who asked me…well…we will see :wink:

One of the best things about FIRST is meeting teams from around the country. First of all, if its based solely on geographic region, then you wouldn’t meet as many teams from, well in my case the midwest and west coast. You would remeet the teams you meet at your regionals.

Second, what about the teams from England, Brazil etc. So were going to have a section with soley the two England teams?

I don’t think you are seeing the forest for the trees my friend. NERD is not about demeaning or isolating from other regions that involve FIRST. What NERD does, is bring a new kind of spirit to the oldest region in FIRST. New England has always been a very competitive region within itself. Anyone who has seen the rivalries form around here realizes that unity among our region is no small feat. NERD provides an outlet for this unity to thrive. NERD provides excitement and a sense of pride for what is a wonderful part of our country when it comes to the FIRST Competition. Together the NERDS will bring spirit, unity, and passion to a new level…which I would hope in the future could set an example for other regions in the country to come together with pride.

This isn’t about rivalry…its about revolution…

Every student, every mentor, every person who dawns the black and white NERD shirt stands for something very special (and even if you don’t have a shirt, you can be a NERD in the truest sense)…I think you will realize exactly what that special something is when you look into the eyes of a NERD…I know I saw it many times last week at Winter Warzone.

Good luck,
Andy Grady

And I saw it yesterday at the NERVE scrimmage at WPI… where there were three n.e.r.d.s proudly wearing our shirts and explaining what n.e.r.d. stood for.

I’ve been seeing all the hype surrounding NERDs on the forums and since the site still isn’t up and running yet Ive been wondering some things as I’m sure many others have. What qualifies one to be considered a true NERD and will new NERDs be crowned at the NYC regional(we’re sort of new England being how York is in England and our state is called the New one) plus we are also going to have FIRST’s first old England team at our regional as well, i think that warrants our NERDdom.