Nerf Gun War!

Hey everyone, my friend wants to have an epic nerf gun battle for her 18th birthday, and I was wondering if you all could help us plan!

We know that we want to rent out an empty office space or maybe a local firehouse, but I’m looking for ideas on how we can make the setting perfect for a nerf battle.

Also, what types of matches should we have? Capture the flag, team deathmatch? Any opinions on how to make the game fun and competitive while making sure people don’t cheat would be very appreciated.

Finally, what guns do you all suggest we purchase for this??

Thanks for the help :smiley:

Ask JVN about gun types. And modifications. (I forget where the link to that video is…)

The cheapest gun to get and my personal favorite to modify is the Nite Finder. Anywhere from $3 to $5 gets you a single shot, decently ranged gun out of the box.

For a little more ($5 - $7) you can get a Nerf Maverick, which is a revolver type gun that holds 6 shots. It fires a little less far and you can’t modify it to be pocket sized like I always do to my Nite Finders, but it’s the most popular choice around my dorm.

Anything else I generally think is too expensive for too little gain, especially the Longshot. The Longshot requires special darts, so you can’t just grab some off the floor in an epic fight. I don’t know about many other kinds.

I’ll add more to this post once I find pictures of both guns to work with.

As for location, my all time favorite nerf gun battle was in a narrow stairwell. People from the bottom had to climb four levels of stairs and play single flag CTF. Making it up past even the first level was extremely difficult due to 20 people trying to fight 20 or so.

Fold up tables are the perfect obstacles, as they can be used as weapons depots or knocked down and used as barriers. Try to get a setting with lots of rooms and hallways.

you could always play a mean game of humans vs zombies. it uses nerf guns and would be cool to play inside of a fire house.

See if there’s a local paintball place nearby, they have great setups with places to hide and crawl around. Nerf sounds cool.

i guess i should bust out the Arsenal

I have no idea how to make the setting better or what guns to use, but i suggest that you do a total free-for-all! depending on the amount of ppl it would be awesome XD