Netbeans installation not clear

I’m trying to install the java plugin for netbeans. I’m following the directions of the “Getting Started with Java” pdf booklet from the website. I installed the plugin successfully, but I’m trying to do steps 9 and 10. They are:

"The plugins are installed; a little configuration is required.

  1. Select “Tools” menu, and choose the “Options” menu options, from the NetBeans menu bar.
  2. Select the “Miscellaneous” tab. Then select the “FRC Configuration” tab and enter your team number into the text field. Then press OK."

I have no idea what it means when it says choose the options menu options from the netbeans menu bar from the tools menu. Can somebody please help me do these two steps?

A note: I’m running this on Mac OSX.

NetBeans needs to know your team number in order to connect to the cRIO. When you select the NetBeans window you should see a menu bar at the top of the screen. On Mac OS X, the options menu is actually called “Preferences”. You’ll want to select NetBeans > Preferences instead of Tools > Options.

From there, select the Miscellaneous tab and then FRC Configuration. Enter your team number as shown in the screenshot below. Note the screenshot is on Windows, but it looks very similar on OS X.

Thank you.