Netbeans Intaller error

My team’s programming group has two laptops for development, and one has decided to stop running netbeans version 7.1. The computer is a nexlink running windows 7. It worked fine for the first 3 weeks of the season, then one day it just stopped.

We get some sort of net.dll error. The full error message is attached . We have tried the following:

  • uninstalling netbeans to start from scratch, (uninstaller gives the same error)

  • installing over the existing (same error)

  • installing version 6.9 of netbeans (same error)

  • removing the jre folder and reinstalling java from the file jre-7u2-windows-i586 (we successfully reinstalled java, but it did not help)

  • looked in the jre folder for the net.dll file mention, and found it where it was supposed to be. Downloading a fresh net.dll file and replaced the old one. (did not help)

  • tried installing java using jre-7u2-windows-x64 (error stating it was not supported by this computer)

  • confirmed the jdk1.7.0_02 folder and files are present. We tried reinstalling that but also get a dll error.

Does anyone have any suggestions?