NetBeans run stops but doesnt crash

When I try to download my NetBeans Java code, it goes through the usual download sequence, but it only makes it up to here:

[cRIO] [OTA Server] ********* REBOOTING cRIO *********
   Waiting for cRIO to reboot (1s)
   Waiting for cRIO to reboot (2s)
   Waiting for cRIO to reboot (3s)
   Waiting for cRIO to reboot (4s)
   Waiting for cRIO to reboot (5s)
   Waiting for cRIO to reboot (6s)
   Waiting for cRIO to reboot (7s)
   Waiting for cRIO to reboot (8s)
[cRIO] * Loading StartupDlls: debug
[cRIO] Entering debug.o StartupLibraryInit
[cRIO] Debugging is up, target server mounted at /tsfs
[cRIO]                 VxWorks
[cRIO] Copyright 1984-2006  Wind River Systems, Inc.
[cRIO]              CPU: MPC5200 -- Wind River Lite5200 BSP.
[cRIO]     Runtime Name: VxWorks
[cRIO]  Runtime Version: 6.3
[cRIO]      BSP version: 2.0/10
[cRIO]          Created: Jul 29 2009, 13:41:47
[cRIO] ED&R Policy Mode: Deployed
[cRIO]    WDB Comm Type: WDB_COMM_END
[cRIO]              WDB: Ready.
[cRIO] Leaving debug.o StartupLibraryInit
[cRIO] * Loading StartupDlls: NiRioRpc
[cRIO] * Loading StartupDlls: niorbs
[cRIO] * Loading StartupDlls: NiViSrvr
[cRIO] * Loading StartupDlls: visa32
[cRIO] * Loading StartupDlls: nivissvc
[cRIO] task 0xee4df8 (PAL00fb61f0) deleted: errno=0 (0) status=0 (0)
[cRIO] NI-RIO Server 3.2 started successfully.
[cRIO] task 0xc60288 (NiRioRpc) deleted: errno=0 (0) status=0 (0)
[cRIO] * Loading StartupDlls: nivision
[cRIO] * Loading StartupDlls: niserial
[cRIO] * Loading StartupDlls: FRC_FPGA
[cRIO] * Loading StartupDlls: FRC_NetworkCommunication
[cRIO] task 0x1b0d760 (t2) deleted: errno=0 (0) status=0 (0)
[cRIO] FRC_NetworkCommunication was compiled from SVN revision 2203
[cRIO] NI-VISA Server 4.5 started successfully.
[cRIO] task 0xe63418 (t1) deleted: errno=1835009 (0x1c0001) status=1 (0x1)
[cRIO] FPGA Hardware GUID: 0x2EAA5E59CAF1A8A966853A011B61CC91
[cRIO] FPGA Software GUID: 0x2EAA5E59CAF1A8A966853A011B61CC91
[cRIO] FPGA Hardware Version: 2011
[cRIO] FPGA Software Version: 2011
[cRIO] FPGA Hardware Revision: 1.5.3
[cRIO] FPGA Software Revision: 1.5.3
[cRIO] * Loading StartupDlls: FRC_JavaVM
[cRIO] [OTA Server] Version: 2011 FRC, Jan  6 2011, 09:47:42
[cRIO] Welcome to LabVIEW Real-Time 8.6.1f3
[cRIO] [Squawk VM] Version: 2011 FRC, Jan 17 2011, 16:12:19
[cRIO] [Squawk VM] Version: 2011 FRC, Jan 17 2011, 16:12:19
[cRIO] FPGA Hardware GUID: 0x2eaa5e59caf1a8a966853a011b61cc91
[cRIO] FPGA Software GUID: 0x2eaa5e59caf1a8a966853a011b61cc91

After that it just stops. It’s doesn’t stop the build with an error, it just doesn’t do anything any more. I’m not sure if the code is actually downloaded, but no more output appears no matter what I do (such as enabling the robot from the DS).
Any ideas?

We have seen the same thing. While downloading you see the green flashing by in the lower right, when it stops and a little bit of that bar on the left is blue, it should be done. We’ve run our robot after that.

Yeah this is happening to us too. I apparently loads but when we try the controls, nothing happens. All that’s left is the blue bar on the right… :confused:

This is seemingly normal lately, for me after that shows up the code runs fine. There’s a new image of the cRIO out (v28) though, see if that helps?

In NetBeans, the “Run” command is not supposed to complete - the Run task is watching for output from your program (System.out.println(), etc.)

If your robot doesn’t have any more output, then NetBeans will just sit there waiting.

If your robot is not moving, you can add some temporary println calls to see if:

  • your robot initializes correctly - finishes constructors, etc.
  • the robot changes to the disabled, autonomous, and teleop states.
  • print the status of joystick buttons and axis values
  • look for “watchdog” errors.