Netbeans won't start

We’re having a problem with Netbeans 7.2 not starting up successfully. We installed Netbeans 7.2 on a few Windows XP machines and Netbeans started up fine. Then we added the link to download the FRC plugins. If we choose to install all of the FRC plugins, Netbeans fails to start up. We don’t see any sort of error, it just terminates. I’ve found that if I delete the squawksdk module from the Application Data\Netbeans\7.2\Modules folder, then it will start up again.
I’ve got the same setup (as far as I can tell) running on my Win 7 laptop without a problem.
Does anyone have an idea of what might be going on? Or a way to correct the issue? Unfortunately all of our student computers are WinXP, so we currently only have personal laptops that are working for development.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

We had that same problem earlier this year. It turns out the frc plugins are unsupported for Netbeans 7.0 and above. You will need to download 6.9 or earlier if you wish to get it working. That’s how we got it working at least.

I didn’t experience that? My FRC plugins work fine on 7.2

I wonder if it is related to the underlying OS for some reason? The machines that it’s not working on for us are all WinXP. It is working fine on two Windows 7 machines.
In any event, going back to 6.9 is certainly a viable workaround. Thanks!


That’s interesting. When I couldn’t get it to work using 7.2 I got the same error as the guy asking the problem. After following the same isntructions but for 6.9 everything worked fine. After doing some research I found in the Java getting startedguide stated the following instruction:

NetBeans IDE version 6.7 or later (there may be issues running NetBeans V7, please install V6.9.1
until we’ve had a chance to review this).

I figured it was just safer to go with an older version that’s been tested more to work on most computers.