Hello, well today our team opened up the KOP and took out the net book. Unfortunately the net book was started up to be tested when the KOP was picked up from FIRST. Whoever tested the net book canceled out of the set-up wizard.:mad: Any suggestions on what to do? Any help would be great!

Team 1302

Could you describe what screen you’re at or what it does? It’s more likely that someone can help you if you describe everything in detail rather then assuming that people know what happens when you cancel the setup wizard.

Worst case you can use the provided Recovery USB key.

yeah if the USB key is the original image then just use that.


You just need to change your computer name to TeamXXXX

Right click on my computer, go to properties, go to the computer name tab, and then click on the (bottom i believe button) to change your computer name.

Thats all that setup did.


do you know the path to the wizard .exe file?

What is the wizard you are looking for?

Greg McKaskle