Netbook Update Failure.

Team 869 had recieved a corrupted USB stick for reimaging the driver station netbook. The assumption was the MBR was the only corrupted item on the drive… Terrible assumption :mad:

The workaround we used was to use easyBCD to recreate the mbr and additional boot files. Once booted to the flash drive it began to run the reimage. Failed part way through making the netbook unbootable. We have contacted another team that was willing to help us out by allowing us to use their 2010-2011 image stick on Tuesday. My fear is that we would actually need a rookie flash drive for the correct image since we lost the 2010 drive information.

Any input?

Thanks guys.

If you have a 2010 Classmate, then you must use the Veteran image.

If you have a rookie kit 2011 Classmate, then you must use the Rookie image.

Team 781 bought a spare Classmate with no operating system, and successfully flashed it using the 2011 Classmate Restoration key. I don’t think you’ll need the 2010 image.