Network Apple and PC

Well i am a PC guy and i recently aquired a apple laptop. I have heard in the past that it is possible to cross network apple and pc, if so how do i do it? I understand it all from the PC side i just need help with the apple side of things. I am a retard when it comes to apple and appletalk. Can anyone help me? I am using linksys router if that helps

Edit: Of it helps also i am pretty sure its a G3 laptop (sorry if not i dont know my apple models) and i think its running the apple 9.2. ( sorry again i dont have the laptop sitting right next to me. The only reason i got this laptop was my friend was getting rid of it and he was selling it for a really good price
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Sorry to do this to you guys during build season :wink:

Here is a good guide

Oh I didn’t read your edit of the post.
Basically there is no built in support for Windows Sharing in OS9. You must purchase some software like Dave.

You can however download some software (free I think) that can act as an FTP server. You can then access the mac via FTP.

There might be a couple of more suggestions in the Low end Mac Website

Buy a copy of MAC OS X. Then start learning. OS 9.2 is very obsolete and not worth your effort. Since OS X is a unix variant getting it to talk with a PC is not so hard. Look at Samba. It’s a package for unix. is a good place for free software. (Including samba)
Much of that software runs on OS X.

I would disagree here. I have two machines runing 7.5 serving web pages 24/7.

Old Macs never die.