Network changes at worlds?

so, in our last 3 Competitions we had no problems with coms.
at the first match in worlds we lost coms, we talked with a CSA that said it was because we did not use a network switch.
it worked for some time but now we lost coms again and I’m trying to under stand what can we do, so if tomorrow we are chosen to an alliance we can play…
and even if not i want to know if its true that you need a switch to play?
and ya I know about Why you probably shouldn’t use the second port on your OpenMesh OM5P Radio and embrace using an Ethernet Switch instead

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You should go back to the CSA, or find another CSA. There’s a lot of troubleshooting that can be best handled on site.


Yeah. This.

Also, no you do not need a switch to play. That’s absurd.


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