Network Forwarding

Those of you who have tried using a second laptop at competitions may have made the wonderful discovery that the FMS shuts you down if it detects multiple laptops on the same network.

The solution: place the USB-to-ethernet adapter and the other laptop on a second network, and use network forwarding software to forward data between the Robot-DS network and the DS/USB-Other Laptop network.

A few programs have come up already, and I’d like to add my solution to the pool. Download it here:

It’s a simple command line program that directly employs the Windows Sockets Library in C++ for maximum speed. I put such an emphasis on speed because of the limitations of the Classmate that we all know and love.

Note: The initial version has hardcoded IPs, so you’ll have to recompile the program to use it for your team (as with the rest of my work, everything is open source). A configurable version will arrive soon, but I rushed this release so you guys can check it out. Enjoy!