Network Help, after competition..

We have atteneded two regionals, and at each we were required to get our WPA key changed on our wireless gaming adaptor. Now that we are back at school, we can’t run the robot un teathered. I am trying to figure out why, considering we have a demonstration of the robot tonight it would be great not to have a cord running to the robot. So if anyone has any new’s on how to get it to working after competition, help us out!

Thanks in advance,
Eddie 1708

Wire a laptop directly to the radio on the robot (WGA600N, or WET610N), and set your laptops ethernet port to 10.TE.AM.6.

Navigate to 10.TE.AM.1 and enter the login details (should be admin/admin, or admin/no password, can’t remember).

Go to the security settings, and turn off WPA.


If the above doesn’t work, though it should, the other alternative is to reset the Gaming Adapter back to factory defaults, then reconfigure it for normal operation.
To reset it, unplug power from the adapter, press and hold the reset switch. Plug power back in and continue to hold the reset button for 10 seconds. Release the button and let it boot normally. Now you should be able to follow the set-up documentation to configure it correctly for your team.

Thank’s guy’s… for the quick response.
Do you know where I could find the set up stuff? I looked on FIRST, I couldn’t seem to find anything… Thanks in advance.

This is the document from FIRST.

Thank’s Mike!! woot time to get this thing up and running!!