Network Switch?

I’ve seen on FIRST Choice different network switches. What are these used for? Are they worth the credits?

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A network switch allows you to connect multiple Ethernet devices together, including your wireless router. In FRC, you would use this to supplement the ports available so you can attach a Raspberry Pi and tether, for example.

But keep in mind that if you put the switch between the RoboRIO and radio on the robot it is another potential point of failure. The switch losing power during a match is exactly as damaging as the radio losing power.

There’s a convenience versus reliability tradeoff.

RoboRio is required to be plugged into the radio by rule. I don’t see that changing. If you are using other Ethernet devices IE IP camera, Rasberry PI, the switch allows you to plug in your DS without disconnecting the other devices.



R63. The roboRIO Ethernet port must be connected to the Wireless Bridge port labeled “18-24 vPOE,” closest to the power connector (either directly, via a switch, or via a CAT5 Ethernet pigtail).

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Oops Teach me to double check the rules before posting. :] ::rtm:: Anyway. I agree best practice is to plug the Rio directly into the radio.