Network tables

Has anyone done much with the new update to network tables?
I’m trying to get the the robot to connect to a custom dashboard using jframes and network tables. Anyone know how i should use network tables to do this?

Check out this post from the 2014 documentation.!prettyPhoto

I think it will still work. You’ll need to create a desktop java program and include the NetworkTables.jar in your project from the <user>/wpilib/java/currrent/lib folder. Then just try that example. I’ll give it a try tomorrow with a robot to verify that it works, then move that page into the 2015 documentation.

Be sure to add the library to the Project Properties, Java build path, libraries project settings.

I was able to get a desktop program to connect to the smart dashboard using network tables so I am pretty sure it still works.

Thank you so much!
This year is my first with working with network tables, so I hope this works!

To add on to this, does anyone know of getting the camera images onto the custom dashvboard? I need to get both the usb and axis images.

find the ip addresses of the cameras using the webdashboard for the roborio located at “roborio-####.local” where #### is your team number, or something similar to it.