Networked Scouting System

I have a few questions about setting up a scouting system. In the past years, we have been using the pencil and paper method. I am thinking about looking into using a computer and a router. Here’s my understanding…

I need a computer using some type of server system (apache?) connected to a router which would act as the host computer? Then i would need to develop some type of electronic scouting system?

Does that work or do i need something else?

Last year, we used my own system I built with a wireless router, a few Ethernet cables, laptops, and a surge protector. My system works REALLY well for keeping archives. Any Wi-Fi web browser should work (The Opera DS browser works good, iPhone/iPod touch should work great, the PSP web browser… uh… works.)

In my opinion, if you roll out your own system, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy: a page per team is vastly superior to a computerized system. It takes much fine tuning for a database system to overcome the benefits of hand written notes on paper. (I think I am getting there with my program, but it is still hard.)