NetworkTables class documentation nowhere to be found.

Hello, this past week I have tried in vain to access real-time data from a navX board we have connected to our roboRIO, and to do so, we need to use the NetworkTables class. Documentation from Kauai Labs (the manufacturer) has proved fruitless, and the rest of our Google-powered research has yielded nothing as well. We’ve looked into FRC docs ( as well as multiple GitHub pages with source code for the class, yet each one is different by syntax, leading me to believe that some are deprecated, and one is fine. Could you point us in the right direction in terms of finding resources on how to correctly implement this class?

Like you want to put data from the navx in the dashboard ?

FRC teams typically access navX-sensor data directly (over SPI, I2C or USB) on the RoboRIO - via libraries that run directly on the RoboRIO. Using NetworkTables to access navX-MXP data is not typically required if you are using navX-MXP or nav-Micro.

Can you help us understand why you want to access navX-sensor data via NetworkTables? Is it possible you are using VMX-pi?

To reiterate, NavX-MXP and NavX-Micro are designed to be directly accessed on the RoboRIO via libraries for RoboRIO.

However, assuming you do want to send IMU data from a coprocessor (like a raspberry pi) to a roborio via network tables, here’s a java sample that acquires data from VMX-pi and writes it to network tables.

NetworkTables initialization code is at line 59; code to write data to network tables starts at line 166.

WPI Network tables docs are here:

See the docs for NetworkTablesInstance and NetworkTableEntry.

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