Networktables Connection Status

In the past, I’ve noticed that sometimes Network tables doesn’t make the connection between the SmartDashboard and the robot, even through the connection light is green on the Driver Station. My question is, Is there a way to detect if the connection between SmartDashboard and the robot was successful? Mostly since our Autonomous has been plagued by the NetworkTables connection in the past. The simple solution would be to not rely on SmartDashboard, but that’s sort of not a possibility since it’s much more convenient to switch Autonomous modes from the SmartDashboard than trying to rebuild code to the robot in the knick of time between match ques.

The simple solution last year for me to throw a camera stream on the SmartDashboard, if I saw the camera image before the match started it meant the connection was successful, other wise I would signal the FTAs and make them wait for us to restart the roboRIO from the Drive Station. It would be much better if the code could detect if the NetworkTables Connection was successful and somehow fix it before the match starts or perhaps signal the FTAs that there’s problem instead of the Drive Team trying to get the attention of a FTA.

Is there an effective way to determine if the NetworkTables connection was successful?

There’s a connection widget you can add.

Yes there is, which indicates the connection between the driver station and robot, not the NetworkTables connection.

Even with the Connection Indicator on the SmartDashboard, the NetworkTables connection sometimes failed, even though the Connection Indicator told us it was Connected.

It only indicates NetworkTables state, SmartDashboard doesn’t interact with the driver station directly. While it’s possible that it’s wrong, I suspect there was another issue.

Thank you for the Clarification.