NetworkTables Issues


I’m currently having some issues with NetworkTables. I’ve created a standalone-application for vision processing and would like to send data to the RoboRIO. I keep getting an exception saying that the key is not defined/it can’t access it – I fear it is not being created and am unsure if I’m doing something wrong. Here’s what I’m doing.

Vision Processing Application:

public static NetworkTable outputTable;

//main thread of program
public void run() {
outputTable = NetworkTable.getTable("vision");
// semi-pseudocode, if it finds the tote it invokes that function with those parameters
if(foundTote) {
outputTable.putBoolean("found_tote", true);

Robot Code:

public static NetworkTable visionTable;

// robotInit in
public void robotInit() {
visionTable = NetworkTable.getTable("vision");

// SmartDashboard syncer/setter function
public void sendSensorData() {
SmartDashboard.putBoolean("Found Tote", visionTable.getBoolean("found_tote"));
} catch(Exception e) {System.out.println(e);}

I have a feeling that I may need to do something else but, due to the limited documentation, I cannot find out what I’m doing wrong. I’d love to hear your ideas.


You should have a default value with that getBoolean. Also, if the rio starts up before your program, its going to get an error, because your client has not set the value yet.

getBoolean("found_tote", false);

Use that to keep from getting error, and make sure your client is actually connecting.

Thank you. I’ve added that default case now and I’m still having this error – they’re simply not communicating. Any ideas?