Never Too Late to Post a Teaser - 1511 Rolling Thunder

Since everyone is going to be refreshing C D all week waiting for divisions to be released I decided to post a little teaser. After coming home from winning the Boston Regional along with legendary teams 125 and 126 we went back to work.

At our first regional we were able to shoot 2 loads of white disks and climb for 10. We were still tuning in our mechanism and was not selected to advance into the elimination rounds.

In Boston climbing for the 30 points 4 times in a row at the end of qualifications got us noticed. When you add on our consistent 2 point autonomous for 12 points and our ability to raise our hooks to the full height and play some solid defense* on a powerful full court shooter was enough to get us picked by the #1 seeded alliance.

Since then we have used our second robot to undergo some upgrades. Our climber is much MUCH MUCH more consistent, the improved drive train cuts down on alignment time, and we added the dumping mechanism.

We are working on our 18 point autonomous and on driver training but I think we are capable of 18 + 12 + 30 + 20 = 80 in at least one match.

27 Second Climb + Dump

33 Second Climb + Dump + Alignment

We look forward to seeing all of you at Champs and we hope to be a potential candidate as the third robot on a strong alliance! :slight_smile:

I Love your climber! The design is so cool. You guys did great at Boston, a well deserved ticket to champs. Good luck with the rest of your season! :slight_smile:

Awesome climber!

It looks like you guys could be picking as the 3rd-8th ranked seed!

While I appreciate that I would be very surprised. Even at Boston we were not in the top 30 teams. I anticipate champs to be very deep and highly competitive. While our max potential score is 80 our average will probably be much less than that and closer to 40. We play the support role quite well. A team with an 18 point auto a 10 point hang and 4 or more cycles beats us and I anticipate 20 or more of those in each division. But who knows…

I wouldn’t quite say you had us “locked down” :rolleyes: but you guys did better than most of the defense we faced!

Also, by drivetrain improvements do you mean more CIM’s?

1511 is always a “defense” bot but this year it seems like they did a bit of offense. Based on statistics overall, if you can get 68 points per match you should be ranked in or close to the top 8.

I hope that did not come off the wrong way and I apologize if it did. I will edit the original post. It is a testament to your brilliant design that you were feared by every other team at Boston. It was quite a surprise to me that you were not a first pick. You did still score many disks and we were even penalized 40 points in one match for touching you in a protected zone.

No we do not have the weight for more cim’s we lowered our gear ratio

Im only teasing! You guys are phenomenal, I absolutely love your design. It’s so cool to see teams doing well that use the pyramid for points. I wish you the best of luck at CMP and I hope to pick you in my Fantasy FIRST league!