NEW 2004 Repeat contest - Pioneer HS, AA MI wishes to Host

Team 1015, the Pi High Samurai in Ann Arbor MI, wish to create a NEW Repeat contest at our school for the 2004 post-season, JOINTLY with another team (or teams).

We HAVE the facilities to HOST it. We are equipped to handle very large crowds. Pioneer HS is THE largest HS in Michigan, with over 2800 students (over 800 in just the new Freshman class). We have multiple giant gyms that can hold an incredible number of participants.

The school has close to a square mile of parking. Since we’re located kitty-corner from the UM Football stadium, there is a five lane road directly from our school’s lot to the I-94 expressway just one mile away, and lots of fully trained student personnel to handle the lot for MAJOR crowds. Over 100,000 people come in to town weekly each fall to our intersection for UM Football home games, so the school has parking down to a science. :smiley:

We also have administration approval and encouragement for developing and HOSTING such an event!

What we DON’T have is the personnel, resources, and experience to start and RUN a Repeat contest. We’re a new team, still small, just coming out of our rookie season. Way too many details for us to handle alone.


We are seeking another team (teams, or multi-team alliance) to CO-HOST a HUGE Repeat contest at our facility, as a JOINT fundraiser. If your team (or team alliance) has experience in setting up and running Repeat contests, and wishes to help us set up and run a major FIRST off-season Repeat contest at our location in exchange for “a piece of the gate”, please contact me directly. I’m sure we can work something out.

We hope this to someday become a premier FIRST off season event in the SE MI area. The maximum size of the event will only be limited on what kind of a co-venture we can form with someone that knows what they’re doing, and whatever we jointly determine the total group can handle. :smiley:


  • Keith