New 2007 Camaro

Yup - you heard it here first. GM is producing a new Camaro - but the year to be released is AROUND 2007 - and it’s been totaly redesigned with a V-8 6.0L 310+ HP. (Z28 package) Nawt bad.

The Dodge Charger R/T is going to have a Hemi in it - but which one? There are rumors that they are going to slap a SuperCharger on the 6.1 Hemi and put in the Charger. (I really hope that happens!)

But the new Dodge Charger should beat the Chevrolet Camaro by no streach of the imagination :smiley:

These are just from drawings that have been leaked and the final production run of these vehicles will look similar to the ones shown below - but not 100% as shown below.


New 2007 Chevrolet Camaro:

New 2006 Dodge Charger:

More images can be found by going to and typing in “2006 Dodge Charger” or “2007 Chevrolet Camaro”. Enjoy all you Hotrodders out there - I know I will!!


From a purely aesthetic view:

The Camaro looks nice! I love the mean looking grill and intake.

The Charger look s like every other dodge.
For me, the piece that sticks out the most is the grill/front end. My personal favorites include '71 Road Runner, '72 AMC Javelin, and '68 Mustang.
A sort of standard grill really takes away from the whole look.

But, I’m not much of a car buff.

I agree…the Camaro looks pretty sweet. Why did GM take it off the market for like 5 years if they had any plans to bring it back? I don’t get it.

I would much rather drive that charger. And in a race the charger would put the camaro to shame.

those’re niiiiiiice…wowwie.

Thanks, but no thanks. Although I have turned into a MOPAR guy, I have deep roots in Ford.

I’ll take the new 2005 Mustang over that Camaro, or Charger anyday.

The only thing it needs though, since it takes it’s styling from the 69/70 Mustangs, is a shaker hood.

A shaker hood is shown in this picture of a 1969 Mach 1.

It’s basically an air intake, which shakes as you rev the engine.

By the way, I have a 70 Mach 1 sitting right under me downstairs in my garage right now.
And a 65 mustang as well.

I’m glad to see the Camaro coming back. I’ve always liked those cars. My cousin had an 87’ Berlinetta. Since the Camaro is coming back any word on it’s twin the Firebird or the Trans Am version reappearing also? GM had basically handed the whole (American) market to the Mustang when they cancelled the Chevy and Pontiac competitors.

Now not to knock the Mustang, I own one…see my who am i pic, but deep down (overall) I am a GM person.

:drools: :yikes: wow, almost perfect timing of the release of that Charger, my graduation, and timing to swap in that 'ol Jeep of mine. :eek:

That camaro is pretty sweet. It retains the old school aspect, plus the modern, sleek look.


Due to customer demands for new features and the new crash/saftey rules that are now placed - it would of costed wwaayy too much to reengineer and retool the plant that the Camaro was built at - and than keep the Camaro looking the same. All manufactures (yes - even outside of Vehicle Producers) do what’s best economy wise and money wise.

It was just simplier to cancel the camaro for a few years, build a new place/retool an exesting place during thoes years, and totaly build a new design from the ground up with the new saftey ratings in effect to meet and than beat (future ‘upgrades’) verisons of the saftey ratings.

Hey - Elgin,

69’ Mach 1 Mustang w/ the Shaker Hood


70’ HEMI Cuda w/ the Shaker Hood?

:eek: :smiley:

I’ll take one of each.

I mean, if I have to take sides, I’ll take the Camaro. My roots lean more towards GM, seeing as my first car was an Olds (may the marque rest in peace). But both of those other two look just as pimp.

As for how the cars perform…well, we’re gonna have to see, won’t we?

Here’s some stuff I pulled up:


Hey Fireworks - is the the Chrysler ME-412 as you avatar?

The V-12 Quad (4) Turbo?


OMG I hate you, I’m jealous. :yikes:

Yeah, the 2007 Camaro looks real nice, but a mustang wins anyday. Although Mustangs are actually the only Fords I really like, and by “really like” I mean love with a passion. :slight_smile:

You know, when I first saw the photos of the Camaro and Charger that Matt posted, I saw a definite resemblance between the new Camaro and the first generation one ('67-'69), but didn’t see anything with the Charger. Now that I looked closer at the Charger I noticed several styling cues to the '69 and '70 models. It has the recesses in the hood and crease lines in the doors that resemble the 69/70’s version. What would be neat is if they could give it hide away headlights and the R/T stripes across the trunklid like the original.

Side note: One of the members of the club I belong to has a '69 Charger 440 (nonHemi). It is a real R/T with original drivetrain and factory air. That is one large car…just a big as my Caprice wagon.

Keep in mind - ALL the muscle cars of that era where nothing more than family sedans with a huge engine shoved in them.

Look at the GTO, or the Chevelle, or as you said the Charger, or even in a RoadRunner.

Wait a second? Only 310? I work in the engineering department of a factory where they build GM V8s. The LS6 makes over 400 naturally aspirated. Modified with turbos (that’s not stock, nor is it from GM directly!) it can do over 550. It’s a 5.7 L engine. Even the 5.7 L LS1 makes 350 in a base Corvette, and nearly that much in an older Trans-Am or Z28.

Seriously. I was a little surprised by that number too. The 05 LS2 in the corvette makes 400 hp.

I realise that. Same thing I thought - but than agian - there may be a better package than the Z28 that Chevrolet does not want to release due to the competition (Dodge’s rumored 6.1 supercharged engine.)

I think Chevrolet has an Ace up their sleve that they don’t want to share… (maybe a supercharged 6.0 - or even a supercharged LS1?! :yikes: )