New 3666 Website

Here’s our new website

Any thoughts on how we can improve. (We’re in the process of changing the domain :slight_smile: )

Great job, but the site takes a long time to load. Get rid of the loading screen. It gives very little info about whether the site is actually loading. It can cause to go in your site and navigate away before it loads

I really like it! :slight_smile: The emphasis on pictures is nice… plus, all the transitions from page to page seem pretty clean. I particularly like your robots page-- it showcases what your team does very nicely.

-Maybe consider adding a page about FIRST for people who have no previous knowledge (ex parents of new members, potential sponsors, etc).

-For your sponsor page, maybe you could insert links so that when the user clicks on a picture, the sponsor’s webpage opens in a new tab. Previous experience tells me that sponsors tend to like that kind of thing :slight_smile:

  • Consider adding a search bar somewhere on the site so users can find what they need in a hurry.

Other than that, nice work! :slight_smile: