New alliance selection method

Although I think this game is one of the best I have seen in FIRST, I dislike the new type of alliance selection. First seed is not as valuable and it might actually make you lose if you seed first. Depending on the teams around, you might actually feel its better to seed 4-6th. Your thoughts?

It’s like picking in a Fnatasy sports draft where the draft order is reversed in the next round.
The difference here is that most Fantasy drafts are ordered by a randomizer where this is penalizing teams that earned their position.
I think FIRST blew this call.

There was also this thread: Rule 8.4.1

I see where first was trying to go with this and i like the fact there trying to get the 8 seeds better parnters but i see teams not wanting to seed first because having 2 good robots is better then 1 good and 1 bad. I love this game and think it will be up there with 2000.


Great Change. Gives everyone something else to worry about. It’s a huge boost to the 10 - 12 seeded teams.

I really don’t believe that any team as much control over which seed you are. Just play smart and you’ll be there.

I am concerned over the number of seeding matches there will be at the regionals. With 60 to 64 teams at a regional, EVERY match counts.

as I’ve said many a tiem before, anyone who didnt already worry about the 8th seed was foolish. Team 447 was on the 8th seeded alliance 3 times last year, 3 times it reached the finals. That’s including the championship event.
I HATE this change. the #8 seed is now going to have the possibility of creating a very deadly 3 team alliance at the championship event because teh field is sooo much deeper there. It almost makes it bad to be the#1 alliance at the more competative events… :mad: