New AM-2462

So we got our shooter working this past weekend and we are using the stock spinboxes with a 1.21:1 ratio and with a cim and mini cim. Our disks are flying great. Has anyone else been looking at using the spinboxes?

Does anyone have assembly instructions for the Spinboxes? Ours appears to have the mounting screws interfering with the gears.

The CAD files are available on the product page. This should be all you need. If not, email AM.

Our mounting screws interfered with the gears as well.

The CAD file states that there must be two washers between the motor and the gear. For some reason our SpinBox did not come with the washers, so we had to salvage some from the spares/older CIMS we had laying around.

Notifying AM is a good idea. It would help them avoid this issue for other orders.