New And Improved Android Driverstation

A while ago I released an Android Driverstation that allowed users to control their robots with their Android phones and tablets. Unfortunately the app was rather simple, with two joysticks, eight buttons, enable/disable button, and teleop/autonomous switcher, the app worked great for standard two joystick drive systems, but some teams use different systems, and their robot could not be fully controlled by the app.

I am now finishing up a pro version of the app that will allow the user to add however many joysticks, buttons, sliders, and displays through a drag and drop interface. The app allows the user to position any components on the screen and to choose their attributes such as joystick number, button number, analog output and analog input. The app also has limited video streaming support.

This app will be available shortly in the Google Play Store for $0.99. This money will go to our FRC team. If this price sounds unreasonable please reply with reasons.

I can also customize the app with your team colors and graphics but it will cost a little more since I’ll be changing them by hand. PM me if you would like to order customized version.

Price is unreasonble. I’d happily pay five to ten times that.

Wow! This is awesome! I wish I had an android device. Will this potentially be available for iOS devices in the future? I would happily pay 5$ for this if it was of decent quality.

You should probably have a free trial with a time limit so that teams can check and make sure it will be a working solution for them.

Here is a video of me using the app’s interface. Sorry for the bad quality, all I had was an old phone to film it with.

Good idea, I will make a trial version with a joystick, slider and two buttons already added to the interface. The user will be able to move and manipulate those components but not add any more.

I wish I could make an iPhone version, but I don’t have a Mac, and so can’t develop for iOS. Sorry.

But Chiller has developed a driverstation for iPhone here

I think a time limit would be better. How are teams going to know that the app will work for them if they only get one joystick, a slider, and two buttons?

You’re right, I can try a timer, but I’ll have to add some code and figure out how to do it. I’ll try it out, but I want to release the app as soon as possible, so if it will take too long to implement the timer than I will do it the other way.

Everything is working except voltage reading and analog input display. Almost done.

The app is now available in the app store at

Please review so that I know what to fix, cause I know the app isn’t perfect.