New AndyMark Product Game Hint???

We used modified entrapption stars that had hex bores to collect the frisbees from the floor in Ultimate Ascent… they worked quite well. We had a friend from Indianapolis make them for us. (Mike Trapp actually) He is a great guy by the way!! An unsung supporter of FIRST and STEM education.

This is arguably consistent with the ball-nonball gamepiece trend, if it is at all indicative of “rigid objects” being game pieces.

Balls can be rigid.

Maybe 0.425" fits tightly on a Churro? If so, then it is even tighter on hex shaft stock.

Most balls are not, though, thus my inclusion of the word “arguably” :wink:

The word “conveyor” seems to stir up something in my mind… Maybe those fragmented pieces of conveyor belts hidden all over the images they released in the DLC packs?

This is what makes Chief Delphi great! :rolleyes: Argumentation FTW.

Seriously, any particular game is not played with most balls. We’ll get the selected balls, or none.

However, if we do get balls and they are rigid, then I really hope they are also very light.

.425" Seems about right for a “rubber esque” material. 2826 has used a material called linatex in the past which looks almost identical to what is pictured. We often had .125" to .25" of under sizing on our interference fit. I’m sure Andymark can enlighten me as to the actual material, but I’, sure they tested if thoroughly.

Emphasis mine.

We actually cut a bunch of samples over the summer in .025" increments to test this size, and found that .425" flat-to-flat is the right number for this specific profile and material combination. This number would change for a harder or thicker material, as well as a part with less holes in it.


The Nerf Howler is actually quite rigid!

Throw one and see if you hear a Steam Train Whistle!

I think Bill might be on to something…

Wish these were out for our FTC robot this year. The particles are really rigid.

I’d pay $7 each if they were black. :wink:

Then just anodize them!

But what if da red wunz go fasta!?

Definitely would appreciate a more neutral color.

Ok, so should we see the hex shaft removing silicone from the inside of the hex when we press it in, or should the material stretch to fit around the hex shaft?

Hmm… How sharp will the hex shaft be?

Do we round off the end of a Churro, and push that through?

Or freeze the part, then push a hex broach through it?

I’m curious if Thunderhex will be to round to get a good grip.

The wheel should stretch around the axle.


This is a great product that basically didn’t exist before and is far cheaper / lighter than the previous COTS solution for this particular product. I think whining that the color isn’t perfect is really not productive!

I also don’t think this is, necessarily, inspired by the game. Compliant wheels have been gaining traction (heh) for years, for both intakes and shooters; for compliant game pieces or rigid ones. Did I mention the alternative was $30 on McMaster and with a hub weighed like a pound?

I’m curious to see how well these hold up at 5K RPM, and if they slip on the shaft or anything at that high of a speed.