New Animations are here!

We’re proud to announce that Autodesk has helped get not one, but two animations created for the 2008/2009 VEX Robotics Competition game “Elevation”. The animations have just been posted and are now available to view at

These were done by college students in Los Angeles and in Poland (yes, Poland). We’d like to thank the animators who put in long hours to create these animations for the benefit of the participating teams and event organizers running competitions around the world. We hope you like them.

i like them, i didnt read the whole manual, but it thought the goals were triangular prisms not just outlines.

The animations are great !

I like the two different versions of the animations, they help really open up students’ minds to the different robot designs.

VEX has 70 regionals in two years ! VRC will be a great primer in the Fall for the team to prepare for FRC.

The robots in the second video are crazy awesome looking. Any team making a spider like that deserves some major kudos.

Totally agree. Those are some of the coolest animation robots I’ve ever seen.

These are great. We watched these in class on Monday and the students we’re so interested after watching them that they decided that day to register for the Vex competition. Now I just hope there is an event close to us to play in so we don’t have to travel to far. The best part is I have 2 students who thought the animations were so cool that they are now trying to learn how to use the Autodesk software to create their own animations. We might have lost a couple robot students, but we might have gained some animators, so that’s ok.:rolleyes: