New Autonomous Racing Competition

Saw this earlier this week and thought I would share:

I personally found Formula E to be cringe-worthy with the drivers having to literally stop and switch cars for their races but the concept is quite cool. This though, this could be awesome with so many autonomous vehicles navigating a course simultaneously at high speeds. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I wish I could convince Haas to take on running a team out of NC but I suspect they have their hands full with Formula 1 for the coming year.

This didn’t really faze me at all from the races I watched. With the forthcoming rules packages allowing motor (and eventually, battery) tinkering, I expect some interesting possibilities. My gut says that by the end of the decade, 1-car-or-2 will be akin to pit strategy in other series.

Roborace sounds like a very promising idea–we’ve come a long way from the 24 Hours of LeMons’ X Ceedingly Bad Idea Prize. I know I’d watch.

im fairly sure it was formula E or some other formula series, but it had a thing where whoever had the most people talking about them on social media would get a boost (like their engines were tied to a max horsepower limit and the refs could up the horsepower of the team with the most talking about them) which sounds like a terrible idea. I hope these are not connected.

Edit: Its called Fanboost, and it is with Formula E

Ugh… so bad… I hope this is better.