new award ideas!

does anyone have any ideas for new awards? i think one shold be most imaginative mascot or most memorable mascot.

I don’t have any new ideas, but I would like to see the return of “Lightweight in the Finals,” “Best Defense” (or “Best Defence” at GTR and Waterloo), and “Best Play of the Day.” In particular, I think “Lightweight in the Finals” would be darn cool and an interesting challenge.

Considering the nature of the game this year, how about the Fastest Lap Award?

The Most Destructive to First Property Award? …I dunno…

a time trial setup would be awsome, i have to admit. it would be cool if at the end first would have a race of the fastest robots.

Most Hilarious design/robot/team ?

Best pit design
Best giveaway
Best Crate
Best Mascot
Plus some of the old awards that FIRST did away with like Play of the Day and Featherweight in the Finals.

Dark Horse Award

Award for the best team advertisement video?
That would be dirty.

I’ll stick with Play of the Day. Though considering how long the closing ceremonies take, I think keep the number of awards where it is. Teams can always give out their own awards.

I’m sticking to my idea of the “Apollo 13” award - to the team that most completely and/or creatively uses the very generously donated KOP materials. Use what FIRST and the sponsors give you in the kit!

best uniform design, most original giveaways, best show of team spirit…

highest points scored during a regular match

chirpiest team award

Best drive team introduction (best act for when the say, team 3.14 from Antarctica…)
Best alliance acceptance speech
Most Unique Pit (Best Pit is pretty common)
Gracious Professional Play of the Day
Most Unique Award (Hey, another team might of given a better one than you)
Best Practice Day Performance (aka, we were prepared when we shipped our robot)

There are a lot of ideas you can do, think of all the small things your own team likes to talk about, then make a trophy for another team.

wildcard upset award

As for new awards I would like to see FIRST grow by holding a promotional video contest, and a interactive application/game contest. It will benefit FIRST by introducing more talent to the program.

Chairmans Award should include 2-3 honorable mentions at every regional, the award does help FIRST grow it’s awareness dramatically, in local towns plus a lot of the student members are put in the situations such as coordinating their events, working along sides middle school students, and overall leaving their comfort zone to build their local FIRST program in thier area helps students learn new life skills they won’t encounter in the woodshop or the regionals.
A lot of teams feel overwhelmed by what other teams are able to do and don’t really give it a try, thats partially why I believe it would be a good idea