New Behind the Bumpers FRC 1684 The Chimeras - Winners and DCA 2020

FRC 1684 has been a perennial contender in FiM and this short season they really had things going in the right direction with a District win and Chairman’s award.

If your team is interested in doing an interview like this and can do so safely please send me a PM! We’d love to feature your team!


The ball tracking with the Pixy cams on the intakes is awesome!! Really elegant solution and it looks like it works well.

I would love to hear some insight into their auton routine, do they mix trajectories with ball vision/limelight?


That would be a question for @JonUren1684 or @sorceryandbeans

From our Programing mentor Alicia W.

“Currently, all of our movements are planned X and Y coordinates (the origin is our starting position). We use the Pixy to get the X-axis offset from a Powercell we are approaching. With that offset, we adjust our X-axis position to be in-line with the Powercell before we pick it up. After our movement towards the Power Port, we use the Limelight to align ourselves for shooting. Once again, this is just using the X-axis offset (“tx”). This is the simplest and most effective implementation of these senors we found.”

Please let us know if you need more info! Thanks!