New Bimba cylinders leaking?

We just hooked our 3 new free cylinders up to our pneumatic system off board to check for leaks, and I discovered a problem with all 3. If I apply 60 psi to one port (I only checked the extension ports) with the other port open, it actuates but it leaks steadily (as in drains the system fairly quickly) past the piston seal and through the open port. It was leaking so fast I couldn’t tell where the leak was with a soap solution, so I submerged the whole actuator and just watched the air flow constantly out. I tried a couple of old actuators and didn’t have this problem, so pretty sure it’s not a “design feature” that I never noticed before (and pretty sure I would have noticed my system draining unexpectedly). It seems to hold at about 20 psi so at some point the seal seats, but has anyone else had this problem this year?

What bore are you using?

Are you using Teflon tape or a gasket to seal the connections?

I’m not sure you can use Teflon Tape on the piston seals inside the cylinder.

No Gary, they are not supposed to leak internally, and if I had that cylinder I’d condemn it as faulty.

I spoke with Bimba, they are sending 3 new cyllinders