New BLDC motors... basically confirmed?

I just realized that this is a game hint. Cims make better boat anchors than Neos. Water Game!!!


How does the inspection process work with the virtual robots?

Introspection and reflection.

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CAD. Down to the 0.0001 tolerance. Oh, and it has to be done in MicroStation.

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I was hoping that we would be doing Vulcan Mind Meld with the robot designers

Virtual Al don’t cha know.

It is a small step from Big Al to Big AI. You might not even notice it.

Until he diagnoses your robot’s inspection issue based on the team’s CD posting history.


And this is why sans-serif fonts are the devil’s work.


At Ieast it’s becoming more popuIar to put the end bits on an uppercase l in otherwise sans-serif fonts. l think it’s a good decision in the lnternet age where someone couId abuse easiIy.

I got the same impression from the CTRE rep at Worlds.

It seems that if somebody else was about to release a new BLDC, it would be out for Beta test by now. In the past First has been pretty public about Beta testing. Maybe a little absent in communication skills. Just an observation.

One of the points of controlling allowed motors is that there isn’t a secret club with special parts.

If I’m remembering right, the NEO was tested privately by some REV sponsored teams outside of FIRST’s beta program. Perhaps VEX (and CTRE, I assume) is doing the same thing for IFI teams.

We are not currently beta-testing any products. Maybe others are but I can say we currently are not and have not been approached to do so.

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