New Build Subteam Lead

Hey everyone,
I am the new build sub team lead for FRC team 1374/ I was wondering if anyone could pass down any words of wisdom or advice that could help the build sub team reach new heights this year. I’ve been on the team for one year and I am still learning more about the technical sode of the robots. If anyone has any resources I can use to learn specifically about drive trains,chains,pneumatics,electrical and any thing of that sort, please send the link down below.
Thank you

You posted this in the forum specifically for CAN bus electrical questions, so you’re likely not going to get the response you want. You should probably flag this as spam and ask a moderator to move it to either the General Forum or a general technical forum.

Addressing your question, my best suggestion would be using ChiefDelphi to find the answer to basically any question you may have. Most everything you could ever want to know about FIRST has already been asked and answered here. Use the search feature (in the top bar) or Google search “search topic” to find relevant threads. Start reading as many threads as you can. The amount of pure information you’ll learn on here just from lurking is astounding. Most everything I’ve learned about robotics has come from reading other people’s questions and answers on here and posting my own questions when I didn’t understand. If you’re looking to raise your team’s level, the single best thing I can recommend is following the advice and examples of the people who post on here who have already done just that.

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I agree with AriMB: Chief Delphi is your best friend! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. In addition, if you want to learn proactively, many teams have online resources. Use Google, and read them!

I would also highly advise doing offseason projects to hone your skills and try new things. If there’s something that you think will be useful on a robot, learn to use it when you’re not under time pressure. Here’s an example: last fall, my team spent all of preseason building a Stronghold turret shooter. It taught us how to build turrets and flywheel shooters, manage a complex project, and to work with Talon SRXs. As for project ideas, past games are a great source of inspiration. Try to pick something that you think you could complete, but will require you and your teammates to learn new skills and mechanisms, and use their existing knowledge.

Another thing: try not to throw out ideas or let other people throw out yours without justification. The first few days of build season are for brainstorming, so use that time to test as many ideas as possible. I lead mechanism groups for two years, and both years, my ideas were shot down by mentors until I constructed proofs of concept to show that they could work. For our breaching device, it was a long piece of Delrin. For our climber, it was a PVC pipe with bolts stuck through it that I taped to a drill. Both showed that the central concept could work.

I would also suggest trying to find a local off-season event to attend and build/modify a robot for. That way, you get practice being a leader and you can get to know the people you will be working with next season a bit better.

This is great advice, although it’s likely too late at this point.

In general, feel free to come here if you have questions, and the wonderful people of CD will have an answer to (almost) every question you have. Chances are, they’ve already been answered, so you can search the forums and get some good answers from past answers in threads.

Nope! Fall Fiesta (Toronto) is 10/20-21. Southwest International is the following week (Windsor, Ontario). STEMley Cup (Hamilton, Ontario) is 11/11.

Seeing as the OP is from Canada, I figured those were appropriate…

The final FRC offseason of the 2017 season is Minne Mini, in Minnesota, on 11/17-18. That puts a month and a half of offseasons left to go…

Yep Canadian off-seasons only start in about a month :smiley:

This is a list of a few helpful documents my team has written and conducted over the years.(Please excuse the website, we are still working on updating it! :smiley: )
This is a main list, many of which aren’t technically focused, but you might find benefits in other papers on here that might not be listed on

Hope this helps!

Some great resources to check out:

From your friendly neighborhood inspection team…
Make your robot 1/4" smaller than max size in all dimensions.
Don’t hide components that have lights on them or need to be examined during inspection or need to be seen on the field. This includes the RoboRio, PDP, radio, VRM, PCM and the main breaker.
Exposed chain and gears will be checked for safety issues that would pinch human body parts.
Check robot weight often during build. Do not rely on computer calculations of component weight.
Don’t place your radio down in the depths of the robot surrounded by metal. You won’t like it and neither will your alliance partners.
Build a secure mounting location for the robot battery and use a secure method to hold it in the robot.
Please read the current year’s manual, twice. Parts of the manual change each year and some are game related. We inspectors cringe when we have to delver the news that a rule had changed and your robot is not compliant with this years rules.
Please work on your Cost Accounting Worksheet while you build. Do not wait until you are getting inspected to finish it. Once you have it completed, do not leave at home, at your build space or in the hotel. I file those responses with “the dog ate it”.

Think about what you are doing. If you have a question, ask me or one of the other LRIs who respond regularly here on CD.

Thank you