New C18 MPLab and IFI Loader?

Will I need to reinstall or upgrade any of these?

Haven’t found it written anywhere, and don’t have the CD.

nope, you dont. it’s the same, as is the RC…i reinstalled it though, because this time i installed it on an external hard drive so i can use it on any computer. but ya, the RC and software is the same as last year :slight_smile:

I’m not at all convinced that this will work. The C18 compiler adds some directories to you PATH environment variable, and I’m not certain it will actually work without them. Have you tried it on a different computer?

As long as you set the project files up correctly it should work.


no, not yet…well except on a vista computer which didnt work…but ti’s vista…anyways i’m going to try it at school tomorrow anyways.